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Follow along as book launch expert Tim Grahl teaches you the fundamentals of launching a bestselling book. Based on his work with hundreds of authors and launching dozens of top New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other bestselling books, he will share the insights and step-by-step tactics you can use to launch your own successful book.

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    Book Launching on Kickstarter - Part 2

    Marketing and launching a book on Kickstarter. This is a conversation with Charlie Hoehn on the ins and outs of what it takes to launch successfully.

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    Book Launching on Kickstarter - Part 1

    Have you ever thought about launching a book on Kickstarter? Or even running your own crowd funded book project? Book marketing expert and friend Charlie Hoehn joins me to discuss his latest project and how he's leveraging Kickstarter for the launch.

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    Email Marketing and Book Launches

    Email marketing is your #1 tool in selling more books. In this episode I discuss how to get your email list up and running and get your first 100 subscribers. See more at

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    Social Media and Book Launches

    How does social media play into your overall author platform and book launch goals? In this episode I break down the truths and myths around social media. See more at

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    What is an author platform?

    Every author has to solve three problems in order to build a platform that reliably sells books.

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    Your Questions, My Answers - Part 2

    What is the best time of year to launch your book? How do you prove that people bought your book? How fast can I expect to grow? These questions and more are answered in this episode.

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    Your Questions, My Answers - Part 1

    How much time should I spend on marketing? How do I move to the Long Game launch? Should self-pub authors focus on pre-orders? These questions and more get answered.

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    Getting Fans and Influencers to Help

    There are two groups of people you want spreading the word about your book... fans and influencers. One is pretty easy and straight forward, the other... is not! Tim walks you through each of these and how to best approach it.

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    How to Get Fans to Buy Your Book

    Why should anyone buy your book right now? It's going to be available forever. It's too easy to put the book on their wish list and then never get around to buying it. How do you trigger people to buy now instead of waiting until later?

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    The 4 Types of Book Launches

    There are 4 types of book launches and you need to know which type you are running before you start making any plans.

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