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Follow along as book launch expert Tim Grahl teaches you the fundamentals of launching a bestselling book. Based on his work with hundreds of authors and launching dozens of top New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other bestselling books, he will share the insights and step-by-step tactics you can use to launch your own successful book.

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    Booking Podcasts, Starting Book Clubs

    Valerie's outreach to podcasts has been a success! Find out what she did to get bookings and hear her plan for starting a Book Club to attract readers and develop a long term relationship with them.

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    Becoming a Podcast Guest

    It's finally time for Valerie start her outreach activities! Now that she has a list of podcasts, what's the best way to contact them? What should she say when she reaches out to them? Tune in to find out.

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    Is your website doing what it needs to do?

    Valerie has done a lot of work to improve her website, but she's still missing some key strategies to get readers on her mailing list. Are you doing everything you can to convert your subscription rates? Tune in to find out!

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    Creating Detailed Personas

    The more specific you are about your ideal readers, the more likely you are to find them. This week, Valerie gets super specific about who she's trying to reach and she's come up with a great tool to help you. She's also redesigned her website. Is her new site doing the two things every author website needs to do? Is yours?

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    Should authors have a blog?

    Blogging has changed dramatically in the last 10 years, so should Valerie be blogging or is it a waste of her time? Tim talks about what blogs do best and how Valerie can make the most of them.

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    Essential Elements of an Author Website

    As Valerie continues to revamp her website, Tim advises what should be on her homepage and how she can optimize the site to build her mailing list.

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    Developing reader personas is a fantastic way to jump start your book marketing activities. In this episode, Tim teaches Valerie what personas are and how to design them.

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    Merchandising Options with Kobo

    Merchandising is a key strategy in any book marketing plan. Mark Leslie Lefebvre teaches Valerie how merchandising works at Kobo and how authors can get it working for them.

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    The Kobo Difference

    This week, Valerie interviews Mark Leslie Lefebvre to find out how to leverage Kobo to increase her global book sales. If your book marketing strategy is focused only on Amazon, you're leaving money on the table.

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    Identifying Your Ideal Reader

    Before Valerie can really dive into outreach, she needs to get very specific about who her ideal reader is. She's not writing for everyone, and neither are you.

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    A Common Book Marketing Mistake

    Random marketing activities bring random results. This week Tim helps Valerie focus her efforts; what should she be doing and why?

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    Connection System 101

    What are the 3 things every author needs to build a successful marketing platform? Tim walks Valerie through each of these and how to identify the different areas.

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    Where do we start?

    Pretend you're an author stuck on their marketing and now sure what to do next. That's the new format for the Book Launch Show.

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    The book is out!

    My new book, Running Down a Dream, is now out! In this episode I share an extended excerpt from the audiobook.

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    Getting Blurbs, Audiobooks, Trade vs Indie Publishing, and more

    We're getting close to the pub date for RUNNING DOWN A DREAM and I've made a lot of progress on the launch. In this episode I discuss how to get blurbs, recording an audiobook, choosing indie vs trade publishing, creating a media kit, and a lot more.

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    Blurbs and Beginning Outreach

    The manuscript is done and off to the copy editor, so now it's time to start getting blurbs and starting outreach.

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    Planning My Book Launch

    With my next book, Running Down a Dream, being published on July 11th, I'm now in book launch mode! This week I talk about the origins of the book, my overall plan to launch this book, and my emotions around launching such a personal book.

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    Outreach 101, Plus My Next Book Launch

    My next book, Running Down a Dream, will be published on July 11th. Follow along for the next three months as I plan and execute the launch. In this episode, we start talking about the importance and basics of Outreach.

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    Self-publish the Right Way with Michael Bungay Stanier - Part 1

    Michael Bungay Stanier has done both traditional and self-publishing, and with his latest book he's had the most success. Follow along as he shares the do's and don't's of a self-publishing book launch. See more at

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    Book Launching on Kickstarter - Part 3

    Charlie and I continue our discussion on how to successfully launch books on the Kickstarter platform. We talk through how to count the cost of your campaign, how to pick the right funding levels, and how to ensure that your project gets funded.

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    Book Launching on Kickstarter - Part 2

    Marketing and launching a book on Kickstarter. This is a conversation with Charlie Hoehn on the ins and outs of what it takes to launch successfully.

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    Book Launching on Kickstarter - Part 1

    Have you ever thought about launching a book on Kickstarter? Or even running your own crowd funded book project? Book marketing expert and friend Charlie Hoehn joins me to discuss his latest project and how he's leveraging Kickstarter for the launch.

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    Email Marketing and Book Launches

    Email marketing is your #1 tool in selling more books. In this episode I discuss how to get your email list up and running and get your first 100 subscribers. See more at

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    Social Media and Book Launches

    How does social media play into your overall author platform and book launch goals? In this episode I break down the truths and myths around social media. See more at

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    What is an author platform?

    Every author has to solve three problems in order to build a platform that reliably sells books.

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    Your Questions, My Answers - Part 2

    What is the best time of year to launch your book? How do you prove that people bought your book? How fast can I expect to grow? These questions and more are answered in this episode.

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    Your Questions, My Answers - Part 1

    How much time should I spend on marketing? How do I move to the Long Game launch? Should self-pub authors focus on pre-orders? These questions and more get answered.

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    Getting Fans and Influencers to Help

    There are two groups of people you want spreading the word about your book... fans and influencers. One is pretty easy and straight forward, the other... is not! Tim walks you through each of these and how to best approach it.

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    How to Get Fans to Buy Your Book

    Why should anyone buy your book right now? It's going to be available forever. It's too easy to put the book on their wish list and then never get around to buying it. How do you trigger people to buy now instead of waiting until later?

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    The 4 Types of Book Launches

    There are 4 types of book launches and you need to know which type you are running before you start making any plans.

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    Let's Get Started

    Join Tim Grahl, book marketing expert, as he shares the strategy and tactics he's learned from launching dozens of top bestselling books.

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